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Watch Out for Each Other Menopause Card

Em & Friends

$ 5.95
One huge benefit of getting older: Your best, closest, most-supportive female friendships ALSO get older, which means they tend to get even richer. This card is for that friend—the friend who ALWAYS sees you. Note: This card is part of a new series dedicated to menopause! We really want to support people going through this transition and normalize conversation around it. With the launch of these cards, we’re proud to join those helping to make this transition less isolating and more empowering. • Blank inside; A2 size (4.25" x 5.5") • Printed in the USA on heavyweight matte stock • Comes with a matching kraft envelope Card Reads: During puberty, it felt like everybody was watching us. During menopause, it feels like nobody is watching us?! I’m so grateful you and I get to watch out for each other.

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